Office Hours, Parent Teacher Conferences, Tutoring, and After School Support

I have scheduled office hours on Tuesday from 3:30PM-4:00PM.  I am willing to schedule meetings or student support sessions outside these hours with at least two days notice.  Please feel free to contact me or have your student contact me if you need to meet with me outside these hours.  My office hours may change based on professional duties.

7:30-8:00           Access Hour-Talent Pool and Gifted Pullout Interventions

8:03-9:02           2nd Hour-6th Grade Visual Art/ICS 1-2

9:05-10:04         3rd Hour-Planning Period

10:07-11:06       4th Hour-Scalable Game Design

11:09-12:11       5th Hour-8th Grade Visual Art

12:11-12:40       2nd Lunch

12:43-1:42         6th Hour-7th Grade Visual Art

1:45-2:44           7th Hour-6th Grade Design and Modeling

2:47-3:45           8th Hour-6th Grade Visual Art/ICS 1-2

Specific Course Content

Please review the options in the drop down menu or the provided links for classes to view specific content for each class.