Design and Modeling

Course Objectives-Students will...

Design and Modeling
  • I will work collaboratively to solve problems.
  • I will apply the design process to solve problems.
  • I will measure items correctly and document the measurement accurately.
  • I will build physical representations and models.
  • I will create a digital drawing using simple shapes using digital, design, software.


Review a detailed syllabus using the provided link.

Course Schedule

The course outline will primarily be followed.  Minor changes may occur due to school activities and closures.  Specific activities for each day will be posted a  of one week in advance.  Review the course schedule at the following link. 

Progress Assessment

The progress assessment outlines the primary objectives and target skills for students throughout the course.  Students are involved in the evaluation process to assist them in gaining the ability to grow and set goals.  You can review the progress assessment at the provided link.