Gradebook Policies-What do notes in my Gradebook mean?

Yellow Square-A student's work is missing.  It will remain as MI until the end of the week.  At the end of the school week all missing work becomes a 0.

0-Student did not turn the assignment in.  I never give a zero on an assignment that was turned in.  Students may turn in missing work until 2 weeks before the end of the quarter to be assessed for full credit.

Purple Diamond 0-This means an assignment will not be included in the final grade.  Students receive a purple diamond with a 0 for assignments they missed due to absences.

Guided Discovery

Guided discovery is a style of teaching in which the instructor provides objectives, poses questions, introduces examples and guides the student to solutions of problems allowing trial, error, experimentation, and creativity.  Students take ownership of their learning as their teacher acts as a guide.

What should students do to be successful?
1.Read and re-read any provided instructions.
2.Review images, examples, or resources provided by the instructor.
3.Ask your peers for suggestions or support.
4.Try something.  It’s okay if it doesn’t work.
5.Try something different.  If it still doesn’t work, that’s okay.
6.Conference with your teacher to brainstorm the next step.

What can students expect?
•This classroom is a safe place to try new things.
•Your questions may be answered with questions.
•Your teacher will always talk to you about your concerns but you may not always get the answer you want.
•You will never be given an answer.
•If you work the entire time you are provided and try your best you will be successful.
•You will learn new things and have fun experiences.
•You will be the owner of your success.

Classroom Activities and Homework

Students will not be assigned homework in my classes.  Students are provided with sufficient time in the classroom to complete all assignments.  If you would like to review classroom activities, warmups, and assignments please visit my class in your student’s Google Classroom account.  I use Google Classroom to post assignments and resources.  Students can review this outside the classroom to ensure they are current with course content.

Work Place Skills Weekly Grade

Students will receive a weekly, standards-based, grade on their ability to apply work place skills that will promote success.  Students are expected to be on task, be respectful, and collaborate productively with their peers.  Please review the standards related to this expectation if you have any questions.

Makeup Work Guidelines

Students are excused from daily activities in the class while they are absent.  Deadlines for major projects are provided at the beginning of the project and are maintained even if a student misses work days.  Students can expect to not have makeup work unless their absence will keep them from meeting their deadlines.  Students are not excused from Initial, Mid-Term, and Final Assessments.  These activities are very brief and can be made up at any time.

Addressing Missing or Low Grades

Students are welcome to turn in missing and late work or to redo work of poor quality for an improved grade until two weeks before the end of each quarter.  Students work will always be assessed for full points but I will not take anything after that time.