Classroom Consequences

I follow a set progression of consequences in my classroom.  Though I generally follow this progression, student may receive harsher punishments in severe situations.

Step 1:  Self-Directed Reset-The student will be asked to reset behavior, take a break, and return
to activities with an improved attitude and work ethic. Students are provided with freedom to
determine what tools they use to reset.

Step 2:  Teacher Directed Reset-The student will be provided with a reflective activity to help
them redirect their energy and return to their work with improved attitude and work ethic.

Step 3:  Student Calls Home-I feel that it is important for parents to be aware of their student's
behavior and involved in their success.  If a student and I are unable to collaboratively reset the
student will call home. The goal of this intervention is to provide the student with an additional
resource and support in staying focused and productive.

Step 4:  Office Referral-If inappropriate behavior continues following classroom interventions
the student will be referred to the office. This is considered a last resort. Students are always
encouraged to take ownership for their success.

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Student will follow three types of rules in my classroom.

School Rules
I require students to follow all school rules while in my classroom.  They need to follow school rules in all classrooms and locations while they are on school grounds.

Mrs. Bulman's Rule
I maintain one rule for my classes; do not waste time.  It is important that students use their, and my, time wisely. 

Classroom Specific Office Referrals
There are two classroom offenses that will earn students automatic referrals to the office.  There is zero negotiation in these situations.
1.  Students will be sent to the office for downloading any program to their computer.  There will be assignments where I request students to download an image, text, or music file.  They are not allowed to download any material without direct instruction and permission.  I will never ask students to download a program to their computer.
2.  Students will be sent to the office for putting any type of art material on another student.  This includes marker, paint, clay, and any other medium we will be working with.

Mrs. Bulman's Cellphone Policy

I have established a policy that promotes responsible use of cellphones and personal devices in my classroom.  Please review the chart below for specifics.